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KYO's SkillBridge Engagement
Success Stories

From military service to civilian success. 

From F-16 Maintenance Supervisor to Commercial Solar Project Manager

Darian's Success Story with KYO's Skillbridge Program

“I would 1000% recommend KYO to other veterans. What they're doing is nothing short of incredible and I truly believe anybody who participates will find extreme value.”

- Darian M. U.S. Air Force Veteran 

From Infantryman to Data Analyst

Cullen's Journey with KYO's Skillbridge Program

“My experience with KYO has been nothing short of fantastic. From onboarding to my last week in the program, the support that has been provided throughout my transition out of the military has been spectacular!"

From Honor Guard to Solar Business Development

A Case Study of KYO's Skillbridge Program

From Landing Support Specialist to Skillbridge Coordinator

Empowering Veterans for Success

Empowering Retiring Senior Leaders

A Case Study on KYO's Skillbridge Program: Medical Officer to Technical Writer, Tanya’s Journey

“I learned how to use a lot of new software: Git, Atlassian (Confluence, Jira), Madcap Flare, SnagIt, etc. and I also learned about the AGILE process.”

“KYO is a great company with professional leaders who are interested in ensuring your success.”

- Tanya, Army O-6

Case Study: The KYO Group

Empowering Service Members in a Remote Business Environment
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