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From Honor Guard to Solar Business Development

A Case Study of KYO's Skillbridge Program


This case study explores the journey of Zack, a former Infantry Marine who transitioned from his assignment in the honor guard in Washington DC to a successful career in solar business development. Zack's transformation was made possible through KYO's Skillbridge Program, which provided him with the necessary training and skills to excel in a new industry.

Results and Achievements


Zack's journey from an Infantry Marine to a role in solar business development showcases the transformative impact of KYO's SkillBridge Program. The program equipped him with vital business skills, enabling a seamless transition and allowing Zack to excel in his new career path.


Through the program, Zack gained crucial business skills that were instrumental in his success in the solar industry. These acquired skills not only enabled him to perform well but also helped him secure a permanent position at IES Texas Solar, emphasizing the program's practical value in preparing veterans for new career opportunities.


Zack's story stands as a testament to the effectiveness and worth of KYO's SkillBridge Program in supporting veterans' transitions. His successful shift and subsequent achievements highlight how the program provides invaluable opportunities for professional growth, affirming its role in aiding veterans' career advancements beyond their military service.

Don't miss out on the chance to follow in Zack's footsteps and secure a successful career transition.

Join KYO's SkillBridge Program Today

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