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SkillBridge Internship

  • What are the minimum and maximum days of the KYO Skillbridge program?
    We can facilitate programs spanning from 60 - 180 days. Please note that the DOD website lists our program as 91 - 120, this is because it must be selected from a drop down menu when building our listing on the site and it does not allow us to choose multiple options. However, once you notify us that you would like to accomplish your skillbridge program with us we will generate your acceptance documents which will list your requested dates that can range anywhere from 60 - 180 days in length.
  • Can I participate in KYO’s internship program after I have separated from the military?
    No, our program is not set up for interns after they have already separated or retired. At this time we can only facilitate service members during the last 6 months of their military service.
  • I am a military spouse, can I participate while my spouse is also participating?
    Yes, we can facilitate internships for military spouses during the same time their spouse is participating in the program. Please note that the internship is 100% unpaid for the duration of the program.
  • Does the internship require any out of pocket costs?
    No, our internship program does not require any out of pocket costs. Please note that you are required to have your own laptop or desktop computer, we do not provide any equipment, please also be aware that we do not provide or cover the cost of any certifications.
  • What kind of certifications will I obtain during my internship?
    KYO and our partners do not provide or cover the cost of any certifications at this time.
  • How do I apply for an internship through KYO or a Partner?
    You can apply through our website, the KYO opportunities at listed here KYO Opportunities | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com) and the partner opportunities are listed here Partner Opportunities | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com) Both pages have “Apply” buttons listed throughout that you can use to get started.
  • What happens after I apply?
    We will review your application, if we determine that our program is a good fit for you we will send you an email to book an information session. During the session you will learn more about our program and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.
  • How do I obtain my acceptance paperwork?
    After your application is accepted and you attend an information session you will receive an email from us within 24-48 hours. Once received you will be required to respond to that email letting us know you would like to move forward with KYO acceptance. Please ensure that you include your requested start and end dates (ex. 1 Jan 2024 - 1 June 2024) as these will need to be accurately reflected in our records and on your acceptance paperwork in order to obtain command/ DOD approval..
  • What kind of training will I receive?
    Our training is two fold, you will be required to complete computer based training specific to the training track you selected in conjunction with hand-on training where you will have the opportunity to participate in live client projects and deliverables.
  • What does a regular day during my internship look like, what does it look like if I am in a different time zone?
    KYO runs 9-5 CST Monday through Friday, although we do have several interns and employees in other time zones to include overseas locations. We are flexible as long as you coordinate with your team lead and complete the required 40 hours per week, each week.
  • Will I have time to accomplish my VA appointments?
    Yes, we allow interns time to accomplish all their medical, dental, mental health and VA appointments during our normal business hours.
  • I am enrolled in Part or Full Time school, does KYO and their Partners allow time during the day to accomplish school work?
    As a skillbridge participant you are required to dedicate 40 hours per week to your training, as long as you accomplish this you can spend the remainder of your time however you wish.
  • Can I do multiple training tracks or switch training tracks during my internship?
    Yes, as long as you complete one full training track prior to your end date.
  • Do partner companies have additional requirements for education and experience?
    Some partners do. You can research partner opportunities at Careers | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com)
  • Is partner placement guaranteed?
    Partnership placement is not guaranteed, you must meet all educational and degree and experience requirements if listed. Please review our “Careers'' page. Careers | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com Partnership placements do require a resume that will be submitted to the partner after you notify us that you would like to move forward with your acceptance paperwork; at which time we will verify that you meet all requirements prior to sending your resume to our partners. Partners will require an interview, this is accomplished to ensure that you are a good fit for them and provide you an opportunity to ask any questions. If our partner decides not to move forward with your internship then you will remain with The KYO Group and you will be able to determine which training track you would like to accomplish. All KYO internship opportunities are listed here: KYO Opportunities | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com)
  • Will I get the same type of training from The KYO Group if I am not picked up by a partner?
    That is dependent on the training you are seeking, KYO does provide various training tracks but not all that partners offer. KYO training tracks are listed at KYO Opportunities | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com)
  • What is the expected salary range if I am offered a position with KYO or a partner?
    Salary ranges are not discussed until, when and if, you are being considered for a position, we recommend that you research potential salary ranges using platforms such as LInkediN or Glass door based on your desired position and your education/experience level.
  • Is employment guaranteed?
    KYO cannot guarantee employment, as it hinges on various factors such as the value you bring to the company, your educational and experiential background, and the presence of suitable open positions aligning with your transition timeline. Nevertheless, we offer support in job searches, resume development, and conducting mock interviews to enhance your prospects.
  • What is the percentage of servicemembers hired after completion of your program?
    While KYO doesn't disclose specific percentages of hiring success, a considerable number of our interns have opted to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys. Sharing precise figures could be misleading due to this entrepreneurial trend. Nevertheless, you can explore inspiring success stories on our website at Success Stories | New KYO site (thekyogroup.com and also on our social media platforms.
All you need to know about Interning with KYO or our Skillbridge partners
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