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KYO's SkillBridge
Partnership Success Stories

Accelerating Success with Veteran Talent

Propelling Space Innovation with Veteran Talent through the Skillbridge Program

One Web Technologies Skillbridge Success

"It’s been a rewarding journey to collaborate with the exceptional team at KYO, who consistently supply us with capable candidates to support the work at OneWeb Technologies. Over the past year, we’ve had the privilege of welcoming several interns into our organization, some of whom have secured full-time roles and independent contractor positions. We eagerly anticipate the continuation of this fruitful partnership, enabling us to provide more opportunities to Service Members transitioning into civilian life. We extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support."

Driving Government Solutions Forward with Veteran Expertise

Squared Compass's Strategic Skillbridge Success

"As an employer, it was a fantastic way to work and train interns for the positions for which we are looking to hire. So much so that we've hired 50% of the interns with whom we have worked in KYO's Skillbridge program. The other 50% we mentored on going to college and were excited when they were accepted in college."

Accelerating Startup Growth with Veteran Talent

Springfree EV's Skillbridge Strategy

"The caliber of interns sourced through the KYO Program truly enhances Spring Free EV's capabilities. Their professionalism, eagerness to learn, and adaptability are invaluable assets for our entire team."

Harnessing Veteran Expertise for Defense Innovation

Frontier Technology Inc.'s Strategic Skillbridge Initiative
FTI Logo_2023.png

The KYO Group's Impact on Veteran Transition

Skillbridge Program Survey Analysis

A Case Study in Veteran Talent Integration

ECF and The KYO Group
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