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Accelerating Startup Growth with Veteran Talent

Springfree EV's Skillbridge Strategy


The KYO Group's innovative partnership with Skillbridge has been pivotal in integrating service members into the workforce of Springfree EV, a rapidly expanding startup. This initiative has capitalized on the unique skills and mission-first mindset of veterans to foster significant growth across key business areas.


Springfree EV faced a dual challenge: nurturing top talent within a growing organization and providing meaningful employment opportunities to transitioning service members that leveraged their extensive training and discipline.


The strategic partnership with Skillbridge facilitated by The KYO Group enabled the effective integration of servicemembers into critical business areas such as Sales, Operations, Underwriting, and Marketing.

Impact and Talent Integration

The immediate success of the program was evident with the deployment of 20 interns across various functions. These veterans brought valuable experience and a mission-driven approach, proving invaluable for Springfree EV’s expansion efforts.

Administrative Efficiency and Support

KYO's role in streamlining the administrative process with the Department of Defense (DOD) ensured a smooth transition for every service member. This efficiency, along with comprehensive training, mentorship, and support, maximized the productivity of interns and facilitated their adaptation to civilian work environments.

Financial Impact and Strategic Growth

The program offered significant cost savings, with an average saving of $4,200 per intern per month, totaling $945,000, plus an additional $29,000 in tax savings. This financial benefit was coupled with a targeted marketing strategy developed by The KYO Group to attract and efficiently recruit highly qualified candidates.


Talent Acquisition

Springfree EV successfully hired servicemembers into full-time roles, enhancing its talent pipeline and providing valuable civilian work experience to all participants.

Cost Savings

The estimated savings in recruitment costs and direct savings were substantial, demonstrating the program's financial viability.

Comprehensive Support

The administrative, training, and mentorship support provided by KYO facilitated the seamless transition and integration of servicemembers into the civilian workforce.

"The caliber of interns sourced through the KYO Program truly enhances Spring Free EV's capabilities. Their professionalism, eagerness to learn, and adaptability are invaluable assets for our entire team."
- Katy Macias

Career Development and Post-Internship Support

KYO's commitment to each servicemember's career progression was evident in their post-internship placement services. This underscores KYO's dedication to the long-term success of participating servicemembers.


The KYO Group's Skillbridge Partnership Program is a testament to the transformative power of integrating military expertise into the business world. By leveraging the talents of servicemembers, Springfree EV experienced remarkable growth, while also contributing to the successful transition of veterans into civilian careers. This program offers a scalable model for other businesses to follow, ensuring mutual success and meaningful employment for servicemembers.

Join the Program!

The KYO Group invites organizations to join this transformative program, offering an opportunity to access disciplined, skilled, and mission-focused veterans ready to drive company growth. Partnering with The KYO Group provides a chance to make a significant impact, improve operational capabilities, and contribute to a meaningful cause.

Let's build a bridge to success for our veterans together.

Become a SkillBridge Partner

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