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Leave no product behind with the best Technical Writing services available today.

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The KYO Group

Technical Writing Services

Writer Outsourcing

KYO staffs technical writers who are industry experts. Our writers excel at creating clear, concise end-user documentation, while addressing all the content needs of our clients. Our technical writers take complex concepts and create user-friendly content that is always current. No matter which tools, processes, or documentation types, our writing team does it all.

What is

Technical Writing

Written Documentation

Technical writing encompasses the documentation of processes and procedures. Technical writing is required in every industry to produce content suitable for product users.  Common documents produced are hardware and software user manuals, and API, operation and maintenance guides, but also includes content for blogs and technical training.

Your Best User Advocates

Technical writers are your best user advocates. They are both UX and QA and help product development ensure that your product performs as intended and looks beautiful. Technical writers are the first real users. They click every button, find language issues, help prepare your product for certification and translation, and inspect it from every angle all while developing the ideal amount of content for your user.

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Our Technical Writing Service

Outsourcing with KYO writers significantly shortens your onboarding lead time. Our writers are highly technical, allowing them to quickly engage with your product, authoring environment, and development team workflow. Their content production expertise gets you to release faster and with the perfect amount of content for your clientele.

Our Technical Writers Are

Industry experts who will meet all of your technical writing requirements.

Knowledgeable in common authoring languages and structures: markdown,  XML, HTML, DITA, chunking.

Power users of authoring tools: Madcap Flare, FrameMaker, Oxygen XML Editor, AuthorIt, Microsoft O365.

Masters of all types of technical content: user manuals, API guides, hardware/software specifications, data sheets, operations manuals, maintenance guides, and more!

Technical and can easily translate complex concepts into simple terms.


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