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The KYO Group SkillBridge Opportunities

Connecting Military Talent to Opportunity
Dental Technician
About The KYO Group

KYO is a veteran-owned and operated business providing training, work experience, and potential long-term job opportunities to transitioning service members.

Marketing Intern
Our goal is to train service members to be successful in the long run.
As a DOD Approved Skillbridge Provider, we
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Find you the right internship role within KYO

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Prepare you to handle associated responsibilities for that role

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Teach you how to handle civilian life after the military

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“I interviewed with my desired company and three days later, the offered me a job!  I am SO thankful for the Skillbridge program and specifically for KYO to allow me the opportunity to make my transition out of the military a successful one.  Without the time to focus on learning the skills of resume building and networking, attending the program management training, and gaining the operations experience I've gained through my KYO internship, I would not have been able to get hired on by a major company so soon.  Thank you so much for your help and guidance and mentorship as we navigate through these difficult transitions from military to civilian life! Couldn't have done it without Skillbridge and KYO.”


Christopher Miller, AirForce O-6

KYO's SkillBridge Opportunity

Our SkillBridge program is dedicated to training service members to excel as invaluable team contributors in a professional and competitive environment regardless of their branch of service or Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).  We recognize that service members might not possess proficiency in their desired skill sets. That's where we step in, providing the necessary training for your success. Know Your Opportunity!
Program Details

POC Email

Closest installation Camp
Mabry, Austin, Texas

Remote, Nationwide

Prospective Jobs By State

Nationwide (All States)


Opportunity Type

Employment Skills Training Program

Other Eligibility Requirements

No prerequisite or eligibility requirements, we welcome all experience levels

Program Duration

151-180 days


Delivery Method



Target MOCs


The KYO Group does not guarantee employment upon completion of your SkillBridge internship. We can, however, offer you opportunities based on your performance in the Skillbridge program and our business needs.

The opportunity to become part of the KYO team is nationwide (our core team is spread out across the globe) and fully online.


Available Opportunities

Digital Marketing Specialist

The Digital Marketing Specialist role conveys the image, brand, and messaging of the company through social media, ads, design, and more. The ideal candidate for this role possesses attention to detail, social media skills, and design acumen.

Project Management

KYO’s project management position is the nucleus of the cell. The ideal candidate for this role is a good but serviceful leader that can prioritize various tasks from general account management to operational cleanliness and system creation.

CRM/Zoho One Consultant

This is the most software-heavy role at KYO as you will be trained on and expected to be the subject-matter expert on all things Zoho (which is our CRM of choice). This position will be trained to customize and manage the Zoho software for either KYO or our clients to create systems that can lead to higher quality lead flow.

(CRM: Customer Relationship Management tool)

Business Development Consultant

The Business Development Consultant position is the lifeblood of any company. The ideal candidate for this role is meticulous, sociable, persistent, and have great intrapersonal communication skills to thrive in this position. You will be the first point of contact for potential clients for KYO or our clients.

Human Resources Professional

The human resources professional role sources and selects talent and has the critical task to plan and ensure the right people are placed in critical roles. The ideal candidate has excellent communication, decision-making, and management skills.

Programming Specialist

The computer programming specialist maintains and supports our IT network. The ideal candidate for this role has some knowledge of any of the following programming languages; Java, Python, C++, or HTML.

Technical Writing

The Technical Writing role is a specialized form of communication aimed at conveying complex information in a clear and concise manner to a specific audience. It involves the creation of documents such as manuals, instructions, reports, and guides that provide detailed explanations of technical concepts, procedures, or products. The primary goal of technical writing is to facilitate understanding and enable users to effectively use or interact with the subject matter.

Programming Specialist

The computer programming specialist maintains and supports our IT network. The ideal candidate for this role has some knowledge of any of the following programming languages; Java, Python, C++, or HTML.

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SkillBridge Partners

Our partners are offering additional SkillBridge opportunities through KYO

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