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Harnessing Veteran Expertise for Defense Innovation

Frontier Technology Inc.'s Strategic Skillbridge Initiative


Frontier Technology Inc. (FTI), a trailblazer in the defense technology sector, embarked on a transformative partnership with The KYO Group, utilizing the Skillbridge program. This collaboration aimed to harness the unique skills and discipline of veterans, integrating them into FTI's innovative projects.

Challenge and Strategic Solution

FTI faced the complex challenge of recruiting individuals with a unique blend of technical expertise and specialized military experience. To address this, The KYO Group implemented a comprehensive Skillbridge strategy, focusing on tailored recruitment, administrative support, and collaborative efforts with FTI’s team. This approach was instrumental in aligning veteran skills with FTI’s technological and defense-oriented projects.

Comprehensive Support Structure

The partnership involved creating customized training programs to enhance servicemembers’ skills, along with mentorship initiatives and transition assistance. This support structure was key to maximizing the integration and impact of the servicemembers within FTI.

Business Impact and ROI

The program had a significant impact on FTI’s operations and growth. It successfully filled diverse roles, enhancing FTI’s workforce with twelve interns who contributed a total of 9,600 hours of specialized work. The employment outcomes were positive, with one intern hired internally and two finding external roles through the program. The financial efficiency of the initiative was notable, with FTI investing $15,000 and realizing a remarkable ROI of 3200%.

FTI's executives highlighted the critical impact of the program, particularly emphasizing the veteran interns' expertise in advanced areas like penetration testing and project management. Their contributions were vital in advancing FTI’s key defense projects.

Additional Insights and Contributions

The interns played pivotal roles in various projects, with some managing critical phases, thereby showcasing their immediate impact and the breadth of their contributions. The range of skills they brought to the table, from technical writing to software development, significantly enriched FTI’s project capabilities. The KYO Group was crucial in overcoming recruitment challenges, especially in sourcing candidates with high-level security clearances and specialized technical skills.


FTI’s strategic Skillbridge initiative with The KYO Group is a prime example of leveraging veteran expertise for defense innovation. The partnership facilitated successful transitions for servicemembers and significantly propelled FTI’s strategic objectives, contributing to the company's growth and innovation in the defense sector.

Join the Program!

This case study demonstrates the untapped potential of veteran talent in specialized sectors. We encourage organizations seeking to enhance their capabilities and achieve growth to consider the benefits of a Skillbridge partnership with The KYO Group.

Explore how this initiative can transform your talent acquisition strategy, drive innovation, and support the successful transition of veterans into the civilian workforce. 

Join us in unlocking the potential of veteran expertise for shared success.

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