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Driving Government Solutions Forward with Veteran Expertise

Squared Compass's Strategic Skillbridge Success


Squared Compass, a distinguished Government Solutions Consulting Firm, embarked on an innovative journey with The KYO Group's Skillbridge program to leverage the exceptional talents of veterans transitioning into civilian careers. This initiative aimed to integrate servicemembers with unparalleled skills into Squared Compass's critical consulting projects, thereby enhancing its workforce and amplifying its growth and impact within government solutions.

Challenge and Strategic Solution

Squared Compass faced the dual challenge of expanding its talent pool with individuals who not only had technical and consulting skills but also possessed the leadership, strategic thinking, and problem-solving abilities developed through military service. Recognizing the unique value veterans could bring to their operations, Squared Compass partnered with The KYO Group's Skillbridge program. This collaboration offered a direct pathway to high-caliber veterans ready to apply their skills in a civilian context, perfectly aligning with Squared Compass’s mission to deliver exceptional consulting services to government clients.

Program Implementation and Support

Embracing the Skillbridge initiative, Squared Compass integrated seven veterans as interns into its projects, where their skills and military expertise could make the most significant impact. The program was marked by comprehensive support for the interns, including tailored training and mentorship, ensuring a seamless transition into the consulting industry and maximizing their contributions to Squared Compass's projects and objectives.

Business Impact and ROI

The Skillbridge initiative has had a profound effect on Squared Compass's operations and strategic positioning within the government solutions sector:
Talent Acquisition

Of the seven interns, five were offered and accepted full-time positions, demonstrating the program's success in identifying, recruiting, and retaining elite talent.

Cost Savings

The integration of these veteran interns brought fresh perspectives, innovative approaches, and enhanced skill sets to Squared Compass, significantly bolstering its capabilities in delivering complex consulting solutions to government clients.

Financial Efficiency

Leveraging the Skillbridge program for recruitment led to considerable cost savings compared to traditional hiring methods. Given the specialized nature of consulting roles and the high costs associated with sourcing and training new hires—often ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per employee—Squared Compass's strategic use of the Skillbridge program resulted in an estimated ROI of over 200%. This figure reflects the savings from recruitment costs and the value added by the interns' immediate productivity and innovative contributions to projects.

"As an employer, it was a fantastic way to work and train interns for the positions for which we are looking to hire. So much so that we've hired 50% of the interns with whom we have worked in KYO's Skillbridge program. The other 50% we mentored on going to college and were excited when they were accepted in college."

- Joshua Lawton, CEO Squared Compass


Squared Compass’s engagement with the Skillbridge initiative represents a paradigm shift in talent acquisition and development for the consulting industry, particularly within the government solutions sector. By tapping into the vast pool of veteran talent, Squared Compass has not only addressed its immediate talent needs but also significantly enhanced its ROI, highlighting the immense value of integrating servicemembers into civilian roles. This case study serves as a model for how strategic partnerships with programs like Skillbridge can revolutionize a firm's talent strategy, providing a competitive advantage and driving success in the government solutions market.

Join the Program!

This success narrative underscores the potential benefits of partnering with The KYO Group’s Skillbridge program to access disciplined, skilled, and mission-focused veterans. Firms seeking to enhance their talent acquisition strategies and achieve substantial growth, particularly in the government solutions arena, are encouraged to explore this opportunity. Reach out to The KYO Group to unlock the potential of veteran expertise and propel your company to new heights of success. Join us on this rewarding journey to support servicemembers transitioning to civilian careers while securing unparalleled results for your firm and its clients.

Let's build a bridge to success for our veterans together.

Become a SkillBridge Partner

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