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A Case Study in Veteran Talent Integration

ECF and The KYO Group


In the dynamic professional landscape of today, accessing skilled talent is more crucial than ever. Recognizing this need, ECF Data LLC, a leader in Microsoft Cloud Services since 2010, embraced an innovative partnership with The KYO Group through the SkillBridge Program. This collaboration is not just a venture but a mission, fueled by KYO's veteran-founded roots and SDVOSB certification. Together, they've embarked on a transformative journey to empower veterans and reshape the workforce.

The KYO SkillBridge Partnership Program

Central to this collaboration is the KYO SkillBridge Partnership Program. This initiative is not just about hiring veterans; it's about harnessing over 200,000 trained military professionals annually and integrating their unique skills and experiences into the civilian workforce. KYO offers a holistic approach, providing comprehensive job training and mentorship, thereby ensuring a seamless transition for veterans.

ECF's Journey with KYO: A Story of Empowerment and Growth

Rapid Talent Deployment and Customized Solutions
ECF's partnership with KYO has been marked by the swift deployment of specialized talent. The unique advantage here is the absence of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) costs, coupled with a dedicated KYO Partner Manager who ensures tailored talent solutions to meet ECF's specific needs.

Comprehensive Training and Strategic Compatibility

KYO's training tracks have enabled ECF to access a pool of adept talent, ensuring a perfect fit within its organizational framework. This strategic alignment has been key to ECF's growth and operational success.

Tax Credit Advantages and Smooth Transitions

The act of hiring veterans not only brought ECF valuable tax credits under the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) which is $4,800 per veteran hired, all paperwork for this is provided by KYO.

Transformative Results and Cultural Enrichment

The impact of this partnership has been profound and multifaceted:

ECF has successfully filled diverse roles, ranging from Contracts Administrators to IT Sales Associates, infusing the company with fresh, skilled talent.

The integration of 12 interns from KYO into ECF's workforce.

The program has led to considerable cost savings, with an estimated $8,200 saved per intern, totalling ECF’s savings of $98,400.

The cultural enrichment brought about by the integration of mission-driven veterans has not only propelled ECF's growth but also reinforced its resilient company culture.


This partnership between ECF Data LLC and The KYO Group exemplifies how strategic collaboration and innovative thinking can lead to significant operational success and cultural enrichment. The integration of skilled, dedicated servicemembers into ECF's workforce has set a new benchmark for growth, innovation, and diversity in the corporate world.

Become a SkillBridge Partner

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