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The KYO Group's Impact on Veteran Transition

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Skillbridge Program Survey Analysis


The KYO Group's Skillbridge program serves as a vital bridge, effectively helping service members towards thriving careers in the civilian sector. This analysis highlights the program's effectiveness in skill development and employment success, showcasing The KYO Group's commitment to veteran support.

Participant Experiences:
Transformative Impact

The survey reveals a profound impact on participants, with The KYO Group's program significantly boosting confidence and equipping veterans with valuable skills for civilian employment.

Key Statistical Outcomes

Participants actively pursued job opportunities, with each applying to an average of 18.82 positions and conducting 4.63 interviews. They achieved an impressive success rate, receiving an average of 2.54 job offers. This success is further underscored by a notable increase in transition confidence, and a remarkable 41.67% of participants found employment directly through The KYO Group's expansive network.

Participants consistently praised the program's flexibility and the practical, marketable skills they acquired. The emphasis was on the holistic support provided, including mentorship, team collaboration, and a nurturing environment. Networking opportunities and real-world experience also ranked high in participant appreciation.

Alumni Advice for Future Participants

Program alumni shared valuable insights, emphasizing the importance of utilizing The KYO Group's resources and support fully. They highlighted the program's adaptability and reliable backing during the transition, advising future participants to plan proactively and trust in the program's well-designed structure.


The KYO Group's implementation of the Skillbridge program exemplifies a commitment to facilitating successful transitions for service members. By providing comprehensive training, mentorship, and practical work experience, the program equips participants for the competitive job market, underscoring The KYO Group's role as a catalyst in their professional development.

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