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From F-16 Maintenance Supervisor to Commercial Solar Project Manager

Darian's Success Story with KYO's Skillbridge Program
“I would 1000% recommend KYO to other veterans. What they're doing is nothing short of incredible and I truly believe anybody who participates will find extreme value.” 


KYO's Skillbridge Program is designed to provide transitioning military personnel with valuable training and job opportunities in the civilian sector. This case study highlights the journey of Darian, a young airman and former maintenance supervisor on the F-16 aircraft. Through KYO's operations track, Darian participated in the program, underwent training, and gained experience as a commercial solar project manager. Ultimately, his exceptional performance led to his employment by KYO, where he is currently working at IES. This case study showcases how Darian successfully transitioned into a new career path with the help of KYO's Skillbridge Program.

Results and Achievements

Darian's journey with KYO's Skillbridge Program resulted in a successful transition from a military maintenance supervisor to a commercial solar project manager. 


His commitment, coupled with the program's comprehensive training, allowed him to excel in his new role. 


Darian's expertise contributed to the successful completion of several solar projects under IES, earning him recognition within the company and the industry as a whole.

Gain valuable training, hands-on experience, and industry connections that can help you successfully transition into a new career path. Take the first step toward a rewarding future by joining KYO's Skillbridge Program today.

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