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From Landing Support Specialist to Skillbridge Coordinator

Empowering Veterans for Success


This case study highlights the transformative journey of Rache, a Marine Corps Landing Support Specialist, who participated in KYO's Skillbridge Program. By leveraging her operational expertise and undergoing training in new Human Resource (HR) functions, Rache transitioned from her military role to become a Skillbridge Coordinator at KYO. This case study illustrates how the Skillbridge Program empowered Rache to discover her passion for assisting fellow servicemembers and supporting their successful transition into civilian careers.

Results and Achievements

Through her participation in the program and subsequent role as a coordinator, Rache not only found her own path to success but also positively impacted the lives of numerous fellow servicemembers. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of KYO's Skillbridge Program in empowering veterans and facilitating their transition into fulfilling civilian careers.


Rache's commitment and expertise significantly impacted the success of KYO's Skillbridge Program.


By leveraging her operational background and newly acquired HR knowledge, she streamlined the program's processes, enhanced its effectiveness, and expanded its reach.


Rache's dedication to her role as a Skillbridge Coordinator resulted in an increased number of servicemembers successfully transitioning into meaningful civilian careers.

Would you like to work directly with Rache, our Skillbridge Coordinator, and benefit from her expertise, guidance, and support?

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