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From Infantryman to Data Analyst

Cullen's Journey with KYO's Skillbridge Program
“My experience with KYO has been nothing short of fantastic. From onboarding to my last week in the program, the support that has been provided throughout my transition out of the military has been spectacular!"


KYO's Skillbridge Program is designed to assist military personnel in transitioning into civilian careers by providing them with specialized training and hands-on experience. This case study highlights the success story of Cullen, a former Marine 0311 Infantryman, who joined KYO's Skillbridge Program and made a successful transition into the field of data analysis and process development.

Results and Achievements

Cullen's journey from infantryman to data analyst at Clusiv demonstrates how KYO's program bridges the gap between military and civilian roles. He gained crucial skills during the training, enabling a successful transition to a new field.


Cullen's hands-on experience during the program was key to his employment success. The training and partnerships helped him develop practical skills, making him a sought-after candidate. His placement at Clusiv highlights the program's effectiveness in preparing participants for fulfilling roles.


Cullen's story reflects KYO's commitment to veterans' success in civilian careers. The program's comprehensive training and industry connections emphasize their dedication to ensuring veterans thrive in their new roles.

Whether you have a background in operations, logistics, intelligence, or any other military specialty, KYO's Skillbridge Program can help you explore diverse career paths, such as data analysis, project management, cybersecurity, and more.

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