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The KYO Group

Empowering Service Members in a Remote Business Environment


KYO is an innovative company that recognizes the unique skills and experiences servicemembers bring to the table. To bridge the gap between military service and civilian employment, KYO has developed the Skillbridger Program. This case study will explore how Skillbridgers work with KYO's partners in various industries and company missions, providing them with valuable training and hands-on experience in a remote work environment.

Why join KYO's SkillBridge Program

The Skillbridge Program at KYO provides servicemembers with a unique opportunity to gain valuable business experience, work with diverse partners, and secure employment opportunities in a remote work environment. By offering specific training tracks, fostering collaboration with partners, and providing comprehensive support, KYO aims to empower servicemembers in their transition to civilian life and help them achieve long-term success in their chosen careers.


The Skillbridge Program at KYO offers servicemembers specialized training tracks aligned with their career interests. Through hands-on work with KYO's diverse partners, participants gain practical experience in various industries, fostering a deep understanding of business operations in a remote environment.


KYO's extensive network of partners enables servicemembers to collaborate in real-world business scenarios, contributing actively to projects. This collaboration enhances their skills and understanding of industry challenges, increasing their value to both KYO and its partners.


Beyond training, the program focuses on creating pathways to employment by helping servicemembers optimize their resumes and navigate the job market. The program's flexibility allows for a smoother transition, supporting servicemembers in finding a healthy work-life balance as they integrate into civilian careers.

Join The KYO Group's SkillBridge program and unlock your pathway to a rewarding civilian career!

Join KYO's SkillBridge Program

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