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Connecting Military Talent to Opportunity

Apply to start your mission with The KYO Group today!

Did you know?

The KYO Group are also partnered with AAA to bring two additional Skillbridge opportunities to you. 
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“Working with KYO has benefited me as a transitioning service member by showing me how to utilize the skills I had gained in the military to achieve and succeed in the civilian world. KYO has taught me how to apply my teamwork, leadership and technical skills to their software and work culture for mission accomplishment and overall professional and personal success”

Patrick Mccaffrey, USMC Transitioning Service Member 21’

the team at



KYO is a veteran-owned and operated business providing training, work experience, and potential long-term job opportunities to transitioning service members.

Our Skillbridge

Our Skillbridge places an emphasis on training service members on becoming effective in a professional and competitive setting regardless of branch of service or MOS. We do NOT expect service members to already be proficient in any skill and place the ownership of training service members to be ready for the role on our own shoulders.

Our Goal

train service members


Train for Success

KYO’s goal is to train service members to be successful in the long run by finding you the right role within KYO, being prepared to handle the responsibilities, and being trained on how to handle civilian life after the military. However, we DO NOT guarantee employment with KYO upon completion, we will offer opportunities based on your performance during Skillbridge and our business needs. Throughout your Skillbridge with KYO you may work directly with KYO or with our clients.

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We understand that not all military careers translate well to the civilian professional environment. Therefore, we provide the experience and skills necessary to enhance your military experience into a rewarding civilian career. KYO is a marketing-oriented business with a variety of positions available to include operations/sales/marketing/IT.  The opportunity to become part of the KYO team is nationwide (our core team is spread out across the globe) and fully online.

KYO Opportunities


We have 6 roles you might be placed under based on preference and availability. All of our opportunities are Remote.



Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing Specialist role conveys the image, brand, and messaging of the company through social media, ads, design, and more. The ideal candidate for this role possesses attention to detail, social media skills, and design acumen.


Business Development Consultant 

The Business Development Consultant position is the lifeblood of any company. The ideal candidate for this role is meticulous, sociable, persistent, and have great intrapersonal communication skills to thrive in this position. You will be the first point of contact for potential clients for KYO or our clients.


Human Resources Professional

The human resources professional role source and selects talent and has the critical task to plan and ensure the right people are placed in critical roles. The ideal candidate has excellent communication, decision-making, and management skills.



KYO’s Operations Consultant position is the nucleus of the cell. The ideal candidate for this role is a good but serviceful leader that can prioritize various tasks from general account management to operational cleanliness and system creation.


CRM/Zoho One

This is the most software-heavy role at KYO as you will be trained on and expected to be the subject-matter expert on all things Zoho (which is our CRM of choice). This position will be trained to customize and manage the Zoho software for either KYO or our clients to create systems that can lead to higher quality lead flow.

(CRM: Customer Relationship Management tool)




The computer programming specialist maintains and supports our IT network. The ideal candidate for this role has some knowledge of any of the following programming languages; Java, Python, C++, or HTML.



If you’d like to Build and Design with the best at KYO

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