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The KYO Group is a DOD certified SkillBridge Provider. In partnership with gWorks we're providing on the job training to transitioning service members in the Software industry.

Opportunities with


About gWorks

Purpose:  Empower public leaders to build smarter, more sustainable governments and stronger, more resilient communities with simple technologies and solutions.Vision:  Power thousands of small local governments with an easy-to use and integrated software suite that connects data, people, and effective action into community strength and pride.

Mission:  Cultivate the strongest and smartest team who delivers the simplest, most effective, & most pleasing technology solutions to small local governments and who backs it up with the best support in the industry.

Why Intern With gWorks

Engaging Learning

Dive into hands-on projects with cutting-edge tech, mentored by experienced professionals, for real-world readiness beyond academia.

"Humbition" Culture

Grow personally and professionally in our unique blend of ambition and humility, with a focus on continuous improvement and impactful contributions to large-scale projects.

Flexible Support

Thrive in a remote or hybrid setup with tools and community backing, ensuring a rewarding internship experience regardless of location.

Current available positions with gWorks

Documentation Specialist Intern - Engineering

Hybrid | Omaha, Nebraska

Documentation Specialist Intern - Technical Writing & Client Communication

Hybrid | Omaha, Nebraska

Documentation Specialist Intern - Product Management

Hybrid | Omaha, Nebraska


Find us listed as "The KYO Group" on the  Skillbridge  Opportunities website.

KYO’s here to support you with military ready employers. Our goal is to enable a seamless transition post military and to set service members up for long term success by finding them the right role within our partnered companies.


Our experience with Skillbridge means we can smoothly guide service members through the paperwork, training and interview processes needed to secure their role of choice. We support individuals through their transition with our custom built transition training and assigned person mentors who are on call to advise and answer your questions.

How it Works

Your next steps with Skillbridge




Schedule Interview


Work with KYO to complete paperwork


Set your start date


Get started

“Working with KYO has benefited me as a transitioning service member by showing me how to utilize the skills I had gained in the military to achieve and succeed in the civilian world. KYO has taught me how to apply my teamwork, leadership and technical skills to their software and work culture for mission accomplishment and overall professional and personal success”

Patrick Mccaffrey, USMC Transitioning Service Member 21’


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