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The How to Guide for Working from Home

After the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home became a normalcy for many people who were not deemed “essential personnel”. Recently, most companies and jobs have reverted to their normal locations to resume their work. Others - such as the KYO Group - remained remote. How do the people at these companies work successfully from home? We’ve got some tips and advice for your success while working remotely!

Your office

One of the most important aspects for working from home is creating your space. This is important because having a space dedicated only to your work helps you focus better. For this area, you will need a desk, a chair, and your device. Don’t be afraid to add some personality such as: a plant (a fake one for those of us who can’t keep them alive), a picture of your family or pets, a lamp or something that just makes you smile. However, if a blank space helps you focus more, then do what helps you! A helpful tip to avoid feeling sleepy or groggy from sitting too long in your chair is to get a desk that extends or have a computer extender on your desk. Standing can help you stay focused when you are having difficulty concentrating. Having an area dedicated to your work that makes you focus and separate work from home is essential to your success.

Your schedule

Maintaining a schedule, or the closest you can get to one, is important to maintain a work/life balance and to maximize your efficiency. Create a morning or afternoon routine, whichever works for your hours. Try to stick to your routine as much as possible. However, keep in mind your company’s policies and procedures to ensure you’re maintaining a schedule that aligns with your work. Different companies have different flexibilities.

Apps are your best friend

At the KYO Group, we have found it to be beneficial to have apps that help us do our work anytime, anywhere. From Slack to Google Calendar, having apps where you can always look at work in case you are traveling or have an appointment can be extremely helpful and save you time. It also gives you peace of mind to ensure that you always have a way to communicate, especially if your company works in different time zones like ours does. Some apps allow you to snooze notifications or to notify only during your work hours, and help you maintain that work/life balance.


Working from home means you are working alone, although there are meetings and calls. For some people this could be a negative while a positive for others. It is always important to socialize and get to know your colleagues. Socializing, even if just a little, can help you get to know the people you work with. Your colleagues work closely with you and will be spending a lot of time talking to you. Setting up a group chat for random conversations or a call once a week for everyone to catch up can help, especially for those who can find remote work lonely.

Working from home became the norm for many people during the pandemic, and has continued to work for many companies after the pandemic. If you have never worked remotely before, it can certainly be an adjustment. However, the KYO Group has the know all when it comes to working from your home or anywhere in the world. Visit us on our website or follow or social media to stay up to date and explore opportunities with the KYO Group!


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