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A Revolutionary
Veteran Hiring Program

Boost your team with on-demand access to trained, disciplined, military talent.

Thank you for your interest in helping veterans transition from active duty to civilian employment.

Our program provides companies access to over 200,000 per year exiting servicemembers, before they transition out of the military. Through KYO's program, you have access to trained talent. Partners bring our talent into their organization to experience the capability and strength of servicemembers.

Program Overview

A DOD partner since July 2021, KYO (Know Your Opportunity) is a veteran-founded, SDVOSB certified, staff augmentation firm. We are hyperaware of what makes a successful military transition. Our passion is boosting a veteran's confidence and skill set, and building successful teams. 

As a DOD partner and Skillbridge provider, KYO brings in transitioning servicemembers within six months of exiting their military service for job training and skill set development. 
Servicemembers are given flexible start dates to accommodate their transition. As servicemembers enter the program, KYO provides training and mentorship sessions to help them acclimate to new work environments. They are then given the opportunity to work on real client projects for up to 30 hours/per week, with 10 hours per week reserved for training and transition support.

KYO's Remote Program

Covers Three Key Areas
On-The-Job Experience
(This is where partners come in!)

Current Training Tracks

Project Management
Business Development
Digital Marketing
CRM Development
Technical and Proposal Writing
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Our Objective

Sharpen veterans employment skills and send them on their next successful mission.

KYO Partnership

As a KYO Partner, you have on-demand access to trained, active-duty service members in our Skillbridge program. Your team can bring this talent into your organization in exchange for on-the-job experience.

"The program is a great way to find and train the perfect candidate for your needs in an ever-changing labor market"

Benefits for KYO Partners

Rapid deployment of specialized and trained talent in your organization. Our active talent pool is ready to go. We place talent within 48 hours of a request.
Interns do not carry FTE overhead (benefits, taxes) while they're in the program. 
Access to trained talent within our training tracks.
Our "try before you buy" model  enables you and servicemembers to test how they fit in your organization.
Zero conversion or sourcing fees for converting servicemembers to FT after their training program and military release.
KYO handles all DOD responsibilities such as, talent acquisition, training, paperwork, and onboarding.
Hiring veterans is a tax credit, click here for more on the WOTC Tax credit. 
Dedicated KYO Partner Manager ensures that you're getting the best possible talent for your needs. 
Month-to-month partnership allows you to scale resources as needed, for meeting critical deadlines, like adding sourcing talent to meet a placement quota.
Access to talent with active security clearances and access to our exited servicemember pipeline, which partners receive monthly.

What Service Members are Saying

Figuring out how to navigate the transition from a military to a civilian career can seem daunting. Lingo learned in the military isn't the same and there is also a stigma that veterans have a hard time assimilating.  Jeremy and his team at The KYO Group help bridge the gap; showing veterans the way towards putting their skills to work in the civilian world and showing employers that, not only can we fulfil their needs as an employee, we will exceed their expectations and become an invaluable resource. Don't miss your opportunity to work with this outstanding organization.” 

-Drew Egnoski - Air Force Security Forces; Business Development 2023'

Productivity & Financial Impact


Beyond helping active-duty service members successfully transition to civilian life, KYO provides significant financial and productivity benefits to partners. 

Ready-to-go talent

We actively onboard 40+ interns per month. This increases the time to productivity, as they're actively training and can be placed on Partner projects within 2 business days. We're out to beat the national average of 52 days to fill a position! 

Cost savings on recruiting

As KYO captures incoming talent, we dramatically reduce recruiting costs by providing access to an increasingly large talent pool.  Our Partner Managers match talent to opportunity, giving your HR team access to our entire talent pool. The result? Our partnership teams save an average of $7,500 per hire.

Tax Incentive

Hiring KYO Skillbridge talent is a WOTC Tax credit, which provides up to an 80% savings on the first year's salary. 

Words from some of our Amazing Partners

"As an employer, it was a fantastic way to work and train interns for the positions for which we are looking to hire. So much so that we've hired 50% of the interns with whom we have worked in KYO's Skillbridge program. The other 50% we mentored on going to college and were excited when they were accepted in college."


- Joshua Lawton, CEO Squared Compass -

"The skillbridge program managed by KYO has been one of the top 5 best decisions I’ve made for my business in the past two years. The hires that come in are highly motivated to prove themselves in our modern tech-work environment. I mean you have guys that used to be engineers on submarines now working on my CRM automation… It’s absolutely incredible quite frankly and it’s incredibly rewarding to see them grow within our team and learn the necessary skills to eventually get hired by us after their engagement or to find work outside the workforce. Overall you’d be stupid not to try this out, you can’t find qualified employees like this from anywhere else and for the price, the value is insane."

- Yousef Okasheh, CEO -

"KYO has been able to augment our Marketing Contract with Skillbridge Talent, allowing us to be more effective with less cost. All while supporting our veterans."


- Justin Charles, Energy Solutions Manager, IES Residential- 

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Let's Get Started

Are you ready to partner with KYO and help build the future of veteran transition and talent acquisition? 

Let's build your teams!
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