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A fully remote position for KYO Operations coordinator.

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know your opportunity

KYO (stands for Know Your Opportunity) is a veteran-owned and operated IT staffing and consulting firm focused on technical staffing, digital transformation, and web development.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help people realize their goals and potential, where we can. This applies to our team, and our clients! We foster an enjoyable work environment and strive to support our team in doing what they love and do best. We build great client relationships and find collaborative solutions by merging our talent and insights with theirs. We're looking for driven and independent individuals who are looking to join our remote team.

The Ideal Candidate

KYO is driven by the foundational belief that people are what matter at the end of the day. This underlying ethos means that in all we do we strive to do right by our clients and staff. We’re in it for you, ourselves, and the meaningful interactions and long lasting connections.


How we describe our ideal candidate and work environment: Ultimately casual, but intellectual and driven. Human, down to earth. Personal and approachable. Generous and funny. Smile often and work hard. A team player who values and recognizes talent. Puts people over profit.

who we're looking for

The Role

Operations Coordinator

We are seeking an Operations Coordinator who would be responsible for carrying out our company’s logistics strategy and making sure that the appropriate staffing, organization and supply procedures are in place. Their duties would include, but are not limited to: managing and tracking projects, running payroll, planning company events/fostering company culture and adjusting the workflow on their team to be more efficient.

requirements &


  • Facilitating cross-channel feedback to management and executive team
    Working with team leaders, managers and department heads to learn departmental needs and goals


  • Ensuring that all activities conform to local, federal, industry and company standards

  • Observing, reviewing and analyzing processes to identify inefficiencies and areas where improvements could be made

  • Identifying and resolving any problems in the production process

  • Identifying and resolving any problems in company processes and SOPs

  • Designing and maintaining clear operational guides to ensure consistency of operations

  • Delivering reports to management team to provide insight into the overall efficiency of the organization

  • Collaborating with management to set departmental and organization-wide goals

Why Work With Us

Competitive Compensation

Opportunity to make an impact in a growing company

Remote work and flexible hours

Investment in your personal and professional development by all of our team

Flexible PTO

Being part of a caring team that is passionate about your long-term success

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