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No Salary Cost

No cost to your organization, candidates continue to be paid by the military during their participation


Increased Output

Increase your organization's output without the cost of salary and benefits


No Liability

As the employer you have no liability to the service member


Access to Talent

Early access to highly skilled military professionals


Every year 200, 000 talented military professionals complete their service contracts with the Department of Defense (DOD). Check out how this could benefit your organization!


exiting service members yearly



Military candidates are authorized to participate for up to 180 days with your company


No Commitment

There is no requirement to hire after completion of skillbridge


Tax Credits

Your organization is eligible for tax benefits and credits if hired

What is the SkillBridge Program?

The skillbridge program was developed by the DOD to facilitate the transition of highly skilled service members into the civilian workforce. During the last six months of service these military professionals are authorized to work within your organization for forty hours per week, allowing the service member to gain civilian employment experience.
You must become a DOD skillbridge provider, we at the KYO Group have crafted a comprehensive three-phase guide designed to walk you through each step. From start to finish this process will typically span 11-17 months. Implement a skillbridge program in your company at no cost to you, by downloading the guides below.

How Can my Organization Participate?

KYO can handle it all for you, schedule a call to discuss this program in your organization

Free Guides: Implement Yourself

*KYO will take care of all of this for you IF you want to start getting candidates imminently.

Want to build your own Skillbirdge Program? Download the guides below.
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Phase I

Average completion time 2-4 months

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Phase II

Average completion time 4-6 months

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Phase III

Average completion time 5-7 months

Benefits of Partnering with KYO

Ready to jump the line, cut through the DOD’s red tape and start receiving military candidates instantly? Check out the benefits of partnering with KYO and book today!

  • KYO is not a recruiter, we do not charge a conversion or placement fees

  • Provides your organization immediate and continuous access to our established talent pipeline

  • Begin increasing your organization's output within just a few days

  • KYO provides you with a dedicated partner support team

  • Our team will handle all DOD requirements and paperwork for your organization

  • KYO’s vets all candidates to meet your organizations needs

  • Military candidates are available for both short and long term projects

  • KYO facilitates direct one to one placement for highly skilled roles at no additional cost

  • Candidate not working out? No problem, send them back to KYO and we will provide you with additional candidates to choose from 

  • We work with your organization to get max tax benefits if you hire one or more candidates.

  • Our team provides all military candidates with transition assistance and mentoring to help them successfully integrate with your organization culture and mission


Recruiting cost versus partnering with KYO

$4K - $20K not including salary/benefits of recruiter

Tap into talent instantly and start driving growth. Partner with KYO today to access our streamlined process and flawless execution.

KYO logos-01.png

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We Build Teams

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