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Opportunities with Trilogy

The KYO Group is a DOD certified SkillBridge Provider.

In partnership with Trilogy MedWaste we're providing on the job training to transitioning service members in the Healthcare Waste industry.


Trilogy MedWaste, established in 2017, has become a leading provider of environmentally responsible medical waste management services, catering to a range of customers from single-unit clinics to large regional hospitals across the country. Trilogy offers services for regulated medical waste, reusable sharps, hazardous and pharmaceutical waste, secure document destruction, and more. For more information, visit Trilogy MedWaste.

Benefits of Internship

Develop Transferrable Sales Skills

Gain hands-on experience in inside and outside sales, utilizing customer relationship management (CRM) technology. These foundational skills are valuable and applicable across various industries, setting you up for success in any sales career.

Exposure to Essential Services

Interning with Trilogy MedWaste provides insight into the industrial services and waste management industry, a critical and evergreen sector with consistent demand. Understanding this essential service can open doors to numerous career opportunities.

Opportunity for Impact and Growth

Be part of a dynamic and growing organization where your contributions matter. Trilogy MedWaste offers the chance to make a significant impact and shape your internship experience based on your aspirations and goals, providing a platform for personal and professional growth.

Current Available Opportunities

Sales Representative





How it Works

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